Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Order of Esther

The Order of Esther will be a religious order for the time before our Lord comes.  Jesus IS coming soon and we are in the last of the last ages before He does come.  To that end, we need to seek the good of the other, seek God's mercy for them and follow what Our Lady of Fatima teaches us about praying the Rosary daily and small sacrifices.

To that end, like Esther we will seek to be hidden as much as possible.  

Our Daily prayer will look like this:

  1. Morning Prayer:   The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  2. Afternoon/Daytime Prayer:  The Angelus
  3. Night Prayer:  A Penitential Psalm for the Dead.
  4. Daily Holy Mass:  The Holy Mass is the greatest event on the Earth and as Catholics in a state of Grace we have access to the Throne of God for others.  Daily Mass is a requirement for the Order. 
  5. Regular Holy Confession: Monthly preferred.  
  6. Daily Holy Rosary:  Our Lady of Fatima requested a daily Rosary.  The current Mystery of the Day is what is required.
  7. Eucharistic Adoration:  ...
    "She fell at his feet and tearfully implored him to revoke the harm done..." Esther 8:3. Eucharistic 15-20 minutes before or after Holy Mass, can be done at the same time Rosary is prayed. 
  8. Evangelization: Giving out Rosaries, Speaking at Churches, Preaching in the Streets the Holy Rosary, and the truths of the Faith. 
  9. Healthy Activity: We must keep healthy by monitoring our food and exercise on a daily basis.
As of this Posting: (8/2/2016) we do not yet have our Habit or our House.   The habit will be posted soon.